Html5 geolocalisation API + Google Map Actionscript API


Great article from S.Jespers "The HTML5 Flash Marriage: Geolocation"

I wrote quickly a simple class you can use to insert a google map with html5 geolocation.

gps(width:int, height:int, APIkey:String, getGeoFunction:String, sendGeoFunction:String)
ie : var map:Sprite = new gps(950, 400, "YOUR API KEY HERE", "getGEO", "passGEOToSWF");

Sample page : geoSample.html

You can download the project : (FlashBuilder Project)

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[Tuto]Flex 4 How to skin WindowedApplication Spark Component


In this video tutorial,

  • I show you how you can easily skin a spark component in FlashBuilder 4.
  • I show you how to customize the WindowedApplication for an air application.
  • I show you how to export a template from Adobe Illustrator CS4 using FXG format and use it in your flex project as spark component.

Source : (project zip)

Denis P.

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