2dsGen wordpress theme #4

I didn't have time to add this video yet. In fact I didn't have time to work on this wordpress theme for at least 2 month now.

In this video I'm introducing a support for jQuery mobile as optional framework for mobile device. There is still a lot of work and I really don't know when I'll finish it.

Note : When I activate the jQuery mobile support I activate the dev mode too to force the mobile framework to be use on a computer device.

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1140 grid system wordpress theme #3

I finished the helper that allow the user to manage how the grid and cells are render. With this helper, you can easily switch off a feature or assign it to a cell.

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1140 grid system wordpress theme #2

This is the second video about my wordpress theme based on 1140 grid system. It's still not finished but I hope you can understand better what I tried to show you in the previous video.

The goal here is to allow the user to set is own grid and attach to each cell the features he wants.

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